I like to get the most from my videos. I shoot my videos “freestyle” no set script I have a few bullet points to give some format to my videos.

Here is where the magic comes, I upload the video to YT “mostly schedule it for the future) the next day I will go back and open the auto-generated transcript. YT will basically make what I said in the video into text.


I use this transcript as my blog article with the thumbnail of the YT video as the feature image. This allows me to have two types of content from one video.

The stats on my WordPress blog have been “booming” and hitting a 5-day “streak” the past week because of this.

The main additional benefit here is when you read the transcript of what you say you will spot things you say which don’t look great when typed down.

I found I was saying “so” too often when speaking now I have cut that down to allow my transcript to be cleaner for the blog article. (also sounds better in the videos with less frequent “so”)

Even if you don’t use it for a blog article it can help you. If you find things you say that don’t bring anything to your videos, next time reduce them

The transcript is available at the uploaded video link when you click the 3 dots (…) below the video on desktop, it allows you the option of open transcript and you can toggle timestamps then copy and paste it to a Word Doc. Read it and see if you can improve how you speak… this only applies if you don’t script what you say.

Here is a video to explain the process

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