What is a good dual camera backpack

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You can see a full review of this bag here https://youtu.be/qPUygS5YiGg

What is a good dual camera backpack? There are loads of options out there for backpacks I have a smiley face delivery which I’m gonna check out.
The bag came well packaged in a plastic wrapping which is great in this current situation you want as much protection as possible. The bag feels fairly lightweight oh bam mate you know what that’s not half bad it reminds me of my Lowepro bag I’m going to do a separate comparison of this and the Lowepro bag.
On the side of this Esddi it has a tripod holder, nice robust zip because normally if you buy cheap or budget camera bags they feel a bit tatty this definitely doesn’t feel tatty.

The ESDDI Camera Backpack Waterproof Shockproof
UK – https://amzn.to/2CLerFg
US – https://amzn.to/32VdRxV

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