Most budding photographers will be familiar with the Kodak Instamatic, and perhaps at some point in their lives even owned one. Upon it’s release, it was considered revolutionary in the photography world, and was partly responsible for ushering in a new wave of inexpensive, easy to load cameras, all of which never quite managed to imitate the user friendly original from Kodak. Last week, Kodak announced that they had licensed the Instamatic brand for use in a new smartphone, something which appears slightly confusing, but for a Kodak fan such as myself, very exciting. The Instamatic design is classic, and the smartphone incorporates the original style of the camera, but my real hope is that the smartphone is as portable and fast to shoot as the original camera. This would give it a real chance in the current market, as more and more people become interested in photography. Hopefully being associated with the Kodak brand will work in it’s favour, rather than against it.



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