32GB Samsung EVO Quick Test Results

Here is a quick test result from a Genuine UHS-1 Class 10 48MB/s Micro SD SDHC Memory Card. As you can see below there is a difference in performance vs the suggested spec. Always buy from approved sellers. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z5X9ViGNiI&w=560&h=315] @ZulfPhotography  

Improve Your Voice for Videos

It is an essential part of any home studio, microphone setup and audio improvements. This is how I improve my voice over for my YouTube and Vimeo videos. 4 Easy steps to make your voice sound better in Audacity from Zulf Photography on Vimeo. [vimeo 295426193 w=640 h=360]

The Importance of Motivation

A business is only as good as its workforce. Great companies improve their workforce through training and education. A lot of companies have never considered using motivational speakers to try and enhance their team’s motivation. Bringing an established business speaker to your company or event is a great way to Read more…

Choose Who You Work With!

Many of us don’t get the luxury of deciding who we work with. Generally you end up working for those that need your service and can pay. One of the keys to an effective business is to pick and choose your customers. A lot of businesses make the mistake of Read more…

3 Photography Tips for Beginners

There could be a lot of confusion and disastrous results for those new to photography. The complex controls, the confusing manual, and the oh-so bewildering settings! That can be too much, especially for those just starting out, so here are some useful tips to help you through this time. The Read more…