Gear Resource List

Gear Resource List

You can find the below listed on my Amazon Store I stopped including these links directly under my videos because the products I shared quickly sold out. I have put together a list of links below which I can monitor and keep updated. Please select below to be taken to that section of this…

Capturing Busy Streets #streetphotography #portrait

Welcome to Urban Portraits, where we roam the bustling streets of Birmingham, capturing the spirit of the city through striking portraits. Join us as we uncover the soul of Birmingham, revealing the diversity, character, and stories of its people. Each face holds a narrative, each snapshot a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of urban life….

I SOLD IT – Yet Another EPIC StreamDeck FAIL

You need an online account to download plugins for your Streamdeck now? No Thanks@elgato Not to mention They dont know how to roll out updates with out breaking everything Hi, I’m Zulf, Welcome and thanks for visiting. “You Don’t Need Expensive Gear”. I have picked up many helpful tips and “hacks” that can save…