If you’re in the YT journey this is how long it took me

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I’m nothing special not a big YouTuber but I hope this helps you understand what is needed, everyone’s journey is different but here is mine.

2 years ago I went part-time from a 40hr a week job (Data Analyst) – to commit to being a YT content creator.

Here the main memorable things I did during the 2 years


Background FYI

  • Have been doing photography on and off for years but started taken it seriously.

  • Normal family commitments, family duties, shopping, being dad’s Taxi, etc.

  • Still working a 25hr a week second Job to keep things afloat.

If I had pushed harder I could have done the below in 1 year but risked burnout. I still had over 2hrs each evening to spend with the family.

In 2 years

I took my blog seriously and started writing articles.

I took photos for local business and became a Local Guide. I got over 6 Million views on my photos and am ranked Expert Photographer for Google Guides.

I started making 3 sit down talking head videos a week to be posted to YT. I was always 2 months scheduled videos ahead of myself


I started doing outdoor shoots and real on location videos of photography related stuff.

I saw an increase in my “webcam action cam videos” and made 10 more around the questions I got in the comments. These are what gave my channel the traffic and drive.

6 months in i felt amazing being able to help people overcome their issues with their cameras. (High point)

In 2 years I made over 270 videos (on this channel) 5-7 minutes with 11 one hour+ live stream shows in the past 12 weeks.


I started posting and interacting more with my Instagram, FB and Twitter audience

I started 2 other channels to keep each channel content consistent. Tech channel and Talking one. both with about 200 videos all made within the past year

I found sponsors to sponsors my live show.

I created this reddit profile. (the best thing I ever did)

I always wanted to podcast and seeing so much info on reddit I started my podcast.

I signed up and started using amazon associates program – 2 sales made me more than what I would get from 4000minutes of watch time

I got hand full of paid reviewed products to review on my channel.

I created a YT live show and have 1hr plus live session every week 11 episodes so far.

I collaborated with other YT channels as part of the live show

I got featured by another channel by shootout small creators video.

There was a lot more but these are things that stuck in my mind


All this and I’m only just over 4.5k subs but watch time and views are on the up.

I predict If I keep this momentum up by 2 more years I will be where I want to be

Don’t give up commit and it’s the long game…

Edit: I just went and checked my videos and I made more then I thought above In 2 years I made over 326 videos (on this channel) That’s 163 videos per year

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