Understanding canon beginner camera models https://youtu.be/7LpZWFJPKYk I attempt to explain Canons Line up of 100d to 4000d D models and the 300 d to 850d and the Full Frame entry 5d to 5D Mk IV
This time we’re talking Canon cameras and understanding the beginner Canon camera range from the EOS lineup. Canon hasn’t made this easy for us it’s just a complication of numbers, isn’t it?

1100d 1200d 1300d 2000d 4000d it’s just like they’ve got endless different ranges so I’m gonna explain each of those. I’m gonna give you my opinions of how to understand them from a chronological view. I cover why they took the different name approach They say beginners should have the 4000d which is another thing to look at all together so the 4000d is a higher number than the 2000d so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better because it’s a higher number.

I’m going to cover this from the point of view if you’re buying a camera for someone as a present or even yourself how I’d look at it because technically speaking if I didn’t shoot canon I’d look at that number and think okay it’s the first one they’re offering it might be good it’s 350 pounds in the UK they have additional cameras which are priced differently.

00:00 Summary of Cano EOS starter Cameras
00:49 Canon website DSLR Camera options
01:09 Canons Starter DSLR EOS 4000d
01:58 Canons Starter DSLR EOS 2000d

02:25 All the canon Cameras compared

03:00 Canon 1000d 110d 1200d 1300d camera range
03:31 How to look at the Canon EOS Range
03:41 The 3 ranges of Entry Canon Cameras
04:50 What is an APS C Canon Camera
06:00 what is the best DSLR in the 1000 series canon range

06:30 How much is a kit Canon 2000d with lens
07:00 How much is the 1300d Canon Camera
09:00 Buying a used 1300d Canon Ebay
09:55 Second-hand 200d Canon on eBay
10:10 How much is the 4000d Canon Camera
10:30 4000d vs 1300d canon cost
13:00 the canon 550d line of cameras
13:34 Hundred series of Canon Cameras
14:14 What cameras are like the 550d T2i
14:13 My canon Camera journey
15:16 what can you do with a Canon 500d
15:25 Consider investing in good lenses
15:56 Why upgrade from 500d to 550D
16:50 what cameras is a good present for photography
17:44 Flip out screen Canon Camera
18:03 Bucket number 3 Camera options

19:15 Large Sensor Canon cameras 5d -5mk4
19:50 Why you need a full-frame cameras
21:49 Summary of Canon Camera range

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