Are you PROTECTED from Power Outages? – My Cheap Easy Power Backup

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In this episode, I will show you My Issues and solution. I share how to protect my NAS against a power outage ✅ Watch Next: I use a NAS to get my Everything Everywhere here is how: What happens when we start getting power outages in the UK? The press will blow things out of proportion to get a story but as a creative and I lose power my data on my new NAS can get corrupted? There is a wider piece here around how this will affect people’s lives so my worry about this is a First World problem.
however, for those whose livelihood depends on their data files etc, this is a massive concern
For any mechanical data storage device, power fluctuations can be damaging. The internal components of NAS devices can get damaged due to sudden power surges or failure

Prices of items in the video:
Amazon Basics Uninterruptible Power Supply:
More UPS options:
Synology 5-bay DiskStation DS1522+ (Diskless)
4TB Harddrives :
NVme Drives:

00:00 What happens when we get Power Outages
00:35 Testing the solution for small businesses and homes
01:00 Uninterruptible Power Supply What is it
02:24 Max Watt for Amazon Basic UPS
03:05 How I set up my power backup
05:40 let’s test this new setup
06:44 Summary of test

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