In this line of work you will oftern come across like minded photographers.

Like coiled springs they await the perfect moment to pounce. In my travels I will oftern capture them going about their buisness.

Below’s a bit of fun, which one are you?

Mr Smart Billingham Bag Mr Suave oftern chit chatting with those of a Female freestyler lets it all hang Award winners FRPS, DPAGB and all those other letters after their names.They will ask and take aside willing members of the public for “street photo shoots”. Not lord Mayor Approved casual canvas bag Multitask, who said Men cant multi task? Carrying a bag two cameras and holding a converstaion. WOW! old school Jessops bag Man Pouch Photographer who seems to be doing what im doing but has longer hair then me and a trendy Lowepro BackBack

Which one are you?

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