FAILED Seagate NAS Lost all data

My Main Data storage device – A Seagate 4TB 2 bay NAS from the Business Storage Range of Seagate has FAILED.

It wasent just the fact the product failed within 11 months of purchase. It was more the shocking after discovery of how bad sales support from Seagate actually is. Thats one reason not to buy a Seagate storage product.

The nightmare of discovering all you data is lost isnt enough the whole process failed miserably.

Seagate Failed-8353

The NAS has two 2TB Seagate Barracuda in a RAID1 setup. The data is mirrored on the drives, In the event one fails you can insert a new drive and everything is rebuilt.


On the 11th Jan 2015 the NAS box totally failed on me. The Seagate discovery software couldn’t find the drives. A few minutes of troubleshooting, I tried the basics connecting it to LAN1, nothing. Swapped the cable to link 2 still nothing.

It was a Sunday and apparently a big company like Seagate only open Monday to Friday 9-5.

Heart sank and I was very disappointed with how short the life was of this device.

They have a separate service for data recovery which they charge for even though there device failed which caused the loss of data.The 3 year guarantee they plaster on the box is limited and doesn’t actually cover data recovery.

– Intermission – Importance of backing up your data.

I had various copies of my data on DVD, external hard drives and a few SSD’s. It is just a pain to compile and rebuild my data. This was my fall back plan, all my data was safe even though it was spread on varuois mediums.


I don’t think I’ll be using a Seagate NAS for any other installations in the future but needed the live data  back as soon as possible.

I have made a separate post to give you the steps i took in the attempt to recover “How to recover from a failed hard drive”


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