What it takes Daily to commit to your goals.

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Here is another post from me to hopefully help you, boost you or even motivate you?

This is how I commit to making content regularly and below is a brief timeline of my typical day

Here is the background to this if you haven’t seen my other posts.

05:00 Wake up – check on comments views articles emails

05:45 Go back to sleep

07:30 Wake up – Headphones in listening to a motivation video from Motiversity while getting ready (very important if I start positive then the day goes good)

08:30 Take Max for a walk while listening to music/podcast


09:00 – Feed Max, Water garden plants. Eat Breakfast in the garden

9:45 Go to the home office spend 4 hours on my PT job

14:00 Go for a bike ride

14:45 Eat Lunch in the garden


15:00 Go back to the Home office for content creation Create 4 videos for another channel (normally 5 minutes each video) shoot thumbnail add tags upload schedule to YT.

16:15 Take a break check on Family, have a fruit snack

16:30 Make 2 videos for my photography channel (edit schedule upload) using these tips I shared before

17:30 Take Max for 2nd walk and feed max

18:30 Eat another meal

19:00 Watch 1 Doctor who episode

19:45 Watch another drama episode

20:30 Check My channels comments and emails

21:00 Watch YT videos (stick half hour only) Creat more than you watch

21:30 Sleep

So that’s a typical Mon – Friday

Does that help put your day into perspective?

There is a lot of checking Reddit and socials in-between this and family distractions but this is the basic flow of the day. What do you do what could you do better let me know?

Shall I carry on with these types of posts does it help you?


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