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Reddit is a great place to help you I’ve been using reddit for the past year or so now and this video is going to be about the best ready photography subs to help you become a better photographer so i’ll take you over to my screen and basically show you some of the regular ones that i use so if i go to edit my raw so in edit my raw if you’re a photographer you can supply images and retouches from around the world currently over 10 000 members in that group will go and edit your photo for you and show you different edits and retouching you may be aware we do the photography live show and i do a lot of work with edit my role where i basically give them photos from different cameras and they edit them and it gives you a new perspective so kind of shows you what is possible with photographs so that’s the number one edit my raw on reddit the next one i’ll show you is amateur photography so this group is 32.7 000 members and there are some rules so make sure to check out the rules if you’re new to reddit reddit is basically a community where you can share different things in this case we’re going to look at photography mainly but you can share photos you can ask for questions you can say…

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