What are some good lenses for low-light photography?

There are different types of low-light photography do you want to take pictures in a darkroom? are you taking photos outdoors where it’s dark and it’s just moonlit or in the evening are you taking photos in an event where there’s gonna be different types of spotlights but it’s actually dark all of these things determine what lenses you want do you want a lens that will be able to perform while in low light but also be light in terms of the size of it different apertures if you’re not familiar with arpeggios I’ve done a separate playlist about learn photography and what aperture means shutter speed is or those kind of things and I’ve given you actual examples of photos how they change with different levels so I’m hoping that will help you if you’re quite new and you probably will be quite new if you’re looking at these types of videos especially if you’ve got a DSLR where you can have different interchangeable lenses so with low-light there’s a few things you want to Chinn think about if you’ve got a kit camera when i say a kit camera I’m talking about a canon camera that you’ve brought and his comedy a little lens so like a 2000 es comes with the 18 to 55 K….

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