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What are some benefits of using a camera strap i personally don’t use camera straps i’ve taken them off my cameras because they get in the way and but there are a number of people that use different camera straps so what i’ll do is i’ll give you a bit of information about the types of camera straps that are available and what they can do for you so there’s different types hand strap cross body strap harness holsters there’s all sorts of options to help you hold your camera or keep it with you or even use it to get steady shots because that’s something that that you can use it for so there’s different types of materials that are available for camera straps that’s something you want to think about and possibly review if you’re buying a camera strap you’ve got the nylon webbing type you’ve got the paracord style ones you’ve got leather cotton nearly every fabric you can actually get a strap and so the straps can be neck straps you can actually have them around your neck which is similar to the standard ones canon give you and they can be handheld ones so similar to like you get mobile phones you have a little bit of a hook type one where you can put your hand through so the camera doesn’t drop this will be dslrs and point and shoot so i’m going to cover both you have the little straps which are like the handheld type ones where you can put your hand in it and it basically is like a bit of a extra grip on the camera so it’s kind of stuck to your hand if it as it were and leather seems to be the main one for that because it’s a bit more robust you have the cross body type ones as well whereby you can actually hang your camera from your side and i’ve used a few of those and the

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