Photography Live Show The Best Full Frame Canon DSLR? #PLiveShow

This Photography Live Show we focus on the Canon 5d Mk II and ask Real Creators If You Should Still Buy This Old Camera. Real creators talk about their canon setups and how they use the Canon Canon 5d Mk II camera. Photography Live Show The Best Full Frame Canon DSLR? #PLiveShow #ZPLP #zulftalksphotography

00:00 Welcome
00:10 The Best Full Frame Canon DSLR
01:18 Armando Ferreira Canon 5d Mk II Specs and overview
01:50 Movies that used the Canon 5d Mk II
02:15 how to get the best from A Canon 5d Mk II

02:50 Best things about the 5d Mk II

04:00 Martin Castein using a 5d Mk II Landscape photos
05:40 Landscape photos examples from a Canon 5D MKII
07:19 Zeek Talks about the Lens and Tips of Canon 5D MKII
10:00 Common issues with a Canon 5D MKII
11:27 Canon 5d Mk II focus issues?
12:50 Should you buy a Canon 5D MKII in 2020
15:10 Expensive Camera gear alternatives
16:00 Edit Raw photos from 5D MKII EditMyRaw Reddit

Here are the creators we spoke to. Armando Ferreira – Martin Castein – Zeek Photography – Jordanphotousa

Channel Guest and Friends
Thanks to the Reddit Sub EditMyRaw for all the edit submissions.
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