Which is better for live streaming DSLR or camcorder

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Which is better for live streaming DSLR or camcorder

This video we test two cameras using two different capture methods so the camera you’re seeing right now is a Canon 550d which is using the canon eos webcam utility tool i’m using it why a USB cable and it’s plugged into OBS which is what you’re seeing right now what I’ve done is at the same time I’ve set up this camera which is a Panasonic Hdc 700 camcorder plugged in wire HDMI so it’ll be interesting to see how that performs it’s using the capture card the chip on the I covered and let me just make sure it’s how it should be one second what I normally have is a monitor is on in the background to give a bit of light difference so there you’re seeing the Panasonic camcorder recording me right now so I just want to get a gauge of how this looks on YouTube I am live-streaming this as a test on mice or the testing channel I might put a link to that video the the live stream so you can see how it performs on a live stream so right now this was the Panasonic let me switch this is a Canon they’re literally on tripods next to each other but come on now DSLRs even though that Canon 550 is like twelve years old look a lot it looks more cinematic so that angle you’re seeing right now this camera is a 550d let me switch that is the Panasonic


I don’t know does it look sharper the Panasonic does it look better I like the green in the back it’s kind of giving a luxury it’s full-on green that’s just a LED light whereas here it’s not showing as nicely hmm what you working of quality but let me mention on the Canon that Canon webcam utility tool is only 12 ATP whereas this one is 1080p so let me see if that will show you can see that what pics there so that what pics is a logo you should be able to see that on this HDMI because it’s 1080p but if I switch over to the Canon can you still see that writing can you make it out but no I still prefer the view of the Canon well yeah this is basically a switch between the two so you can see what the HDMI capture card does versus the Canon EOS webcam utility – I’ve got three light setup so that may be making a big difference of how it looks but yeah why go through the Reg removal rigging them all as I would rig normal rig normal yeah that word well I go through all of that to set up a full-on HDMI lead and capture and you get this sort of quality from a camcorder and if you use it as a USB and a Canon DSLR that’s what you’re gonna get this is a quick test just to give you an idea like for like literally a foot apart both on tripods um I use them as two angle shots I do like the

Which is better for live streaming DSLR or camcorder is the canon webcam utility tool better than a video capture card

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