The Best Wireless Lavalier Microphone On a Budget
The Best Wireless Lavalier Microphone On a Budget
hello and welcome to Zulf photography if you’re here to find a cheap budget wireless mic setup for your DSLR camera then you’re in the right place what I’ve got here is an unboxing I’ll go through quickly and then I’ll show you some actual sample footage and audio from this mic setup so just to let you know this mic has been sent to me to review and test and it’s been sent to me free and I haven’t been paid for the video so this is my honest opinion about what I think so what I will do in this video is I have different segments where I’ll actually show you how the headset performs versus the lavalier mic and I’m setting it up on my DSLR camera so I’ll put timestamps in the description so you can skip ahead if you don’t know watch all the other boring stuff and just look at the bits you’re interested in I’d also put a link to the Amazon shop where I’ve got it from and a link in the comments [Music] okay so here we go this is a test of the 5d mark ii with the fine-fine wireless microphone and the camera is currently about 12 feet away from me and the wireless connection is plugged directly into them follow me I’ll do a quick set up so what I’m doing this mic is I’ve actually got it set on manual in the camera and it’s quite a lot of wind at the moment so you may pick that up you…Amazon link to Mic https://amzn.to/319Onh6

00:00 Welcome
00:10 Unboxing FiFine Lav Mic
01:14 Raw Audio from the Wireless Lav Mic FiFine
01:54 How to wear the Head Piece Lav Mic
02:24 Lav Mic Test K037B
03:04 Wireless Lav Mic distance check for

04:06 Direct into DLSR lav wireless Check
04:20 Outdoor Live Test with Wireless Mic DSLR

05:12 Wireless mic with Deadcat
05:59 Wireless Lave mic distance limit check
07:00 Live Stream Wireless Mic test

FIFINE Wireless Microphone Set with Headset and Lavalier Lapel Mic

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