How to make a product photography light box at home

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I’m using this old amazon box to make a little photo studio. Here are some photos that were taken in this setup. Pretty cool I think?


I basically taped up the sides just to make it a bit longer to allow me to take photos inside the box


The box you will need will range in size depending on the types of things you’re photographing inside it.

if you’ve got quite a few things you’re planning to photograph at home like I did for an eBay listing just get the right size box your needs.

I’m taping up the sides to make it nice long layout. I have A4 sheets of paper which I’m going to be using for the diffusion material so this is something everybody should be able to make at home.


I’m basically just measuring up which side and then making sure to cut within those pencil marks so this the paper just doesn’t fall through if that makes sense??

This is an old amazon box like I’ve said make sure you’re careful with these sharp box cutters because they can cut a lot of skin

I’m going to be doing a live photoshoot along but I’ll show you how to position lights to get the best from this.

If you’ve got like 10 or 20 items you need to take a photo off for eBay or your own jewellery or anything like that this was a cool setup. here it is all lite up with one led panel light.litebox3

It’s a great option you’ll have enough space in there for many small items.


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