Tips to take better photos of your dog

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Tips to take better photos of your dog hello and welcome to this video in this section we’re going to be talking about how to get great photos of your pets today we have max and i’m going to use different lenses and see how we can get some amazing shots so before we begin i’m gonna give you a few tips and let you know how to get the best from your pet in this case it’s a dog so what you want to do is make sure you let them explore so before you get shooting you can see here now i’m just letting him get comfortable with the atmosphere it’s a park and let him sniff around check out everything he needs to check out so this stops him being distracted in the middle of the shoot ideally if you’ve been on a walk that way he gets rid of all his excess energy and you can see here he’s kind of doing all he needs to do until he’s fully committed to the shoot so max is very good we’ve had him for a long time and he’s very obedient as you’ll see throughout the shoot he’s uh well he pays attention and he kind of he’s a bit better than a model to be honest because he can shout at him and

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