The glorious world of the internet is exploding with numerous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. I find these sites to be a great medium of communication and marketing in my profession, but there are times when the wall is breached. With social networking popularity increasing with intensity, a high rate of security breaches has also been reported. Identity theft is the most common of them all, all a predator has to do is follow the trail of personal information we leave online and trace it back to us. So don’t take this matter lightly and take responsibility to protect yourself from this bitter side of the internet.

Zulf_Photography-1024509312Beware of Sharing Too much Information

You can never be too careful with these things, especially when using the web. It seems so obvious that you should not tell your secrets to the strangers on net, but I’ve come across numerous cases on the internet where people have done the exact opposite of the obvious. They share their social security number, home address, phone number. I hope you understand what a terrible mistake it will be and how all this turn to harm you physically.

Customize Privacy settings

The social media sites provide these emotions so that the user has more control over their information. If I’m not comfortable with sharing my information, I can easily limit people from seeing it. But isn’t it better not to upload such information? If I don’t upload anything personal on the web, I wouldn’t have to spend time setting up privacy controls.

I would like to urge all the users to try and protect their data from falling into the wrong hands. So internet safety first!


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