How I Pack my Billingham Hadley Pro camera bag This one is my favourite bag and I’ve been using this the longest the types of shoots I do I normally have this bag because I can carry a buddy and have additional lenses so you can see it’s a nice compact size it’s got a top handle and the strap has some additional padding so this pad comes separately to the camera in the bag and that gives you the extra shoulder support if you’re carrying a big body and lenses you can see it there it fits nicely it’s not too big but it’s not too small so if I show you this now and the setup I’ve got in it so here it’s a nice nylon webbing type strap and with the addition of this which is also a Billingham shoulder strap it lightens the load just on its own that thin but I would definitely recommend getting this if you have got a….

Billingham Hadley Pro Camera Bag (Black Canvas / Black Leather)

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