This Photography Live Show we tell you which bag you should buy for photography gear. We tested 5 photography bags long term test reviews we share the results on this weeks photography live show. We have a selection of camera bags we will show you how much photography gear they can carry and how they perform long term. Which bag should you buy for photography gear after this show you will have your answer.
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DSTE Canon EOS 2x LP-E6 LP-E6N Battery

Price ESDDI Camera Backpack Waterproof Shockproof
Price Billingham Hadley Pro Camera Bag
Price Lowepro Fastpack 250 AW II Photographic Backpack
Price Lowepro Nova 140 AW II Camera Bag – Black buy here
Price Peli 1510 with Dividers set, Black
Price Padded Carrying Bag with Strap for amazon

00:00 5 photography bags long term test reviews
01:50 How the Camera bags look when walking
02:50 DSTE Battery episode Sponsor
03:20 Best small photography bag

04:20 what can a Lowepro nova camera bag carry

08:32 Long term Owners Review Lowepro nova camera bag
09:05 Lowepro nova 140 AW camera bag specs

10:30 What is the Billingham Hadley pro bag
11:00 what camera can you fit in a Billingham Hadley pro bag
13:18 Long term Owners Review Billingham Hadley pro
15:45 How to fit gear in a Billingham Hadley Pro camera bag
20:50 How to Load a Billingham camera bag for a long journey
22:00 How to care for your camera bag
25:40 HDMI Capture Card Live Stream Test

26:00 Fastpack 250 AW Long Term Review
27:00 What can you fit in a Fastpack backpack
31:25 Testing a Camera bag on a live on a shoot
34:00 Long term Owners Review LowePro FastPack 250
35:30 Esddi Camera backpack
36:00 What does an Esddi Camera bag fit
40:00 Esddi Camera camera thoughts for Photography gear
41:40 Two Camera Backpacks Compared

44:00 Best Camera case to store equipment
45:10 What can you fit in a Pelican 1510 Case
47:50 What is your best Photography Camera Bag
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