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32GB Samsung EVO Quick Test Results

Here is a quick test result from a Genuine UHS-1 Class 10 48MB/s Micro SD SDHC Memory Card. As you can see below there is a difference in performance vs the suggested spec. Always buy from approved sellers.





Sandisk Ultra Micro SDHC 32GB Speed Test

So i got a new Sandisk Micro SD card for the Go Pro. I saw the info and this seemed like a good option. Class 10 here is the Flash bench Results.


As you can see below its only the read speed that is up to 45M/Bs. the actual write speed is more like 18M/Bs.

Most of the time they will only quote the higher speed on the website but as you can see below the write speed is also important. Read here to see if your memory card is slowing you down.


If you want to benchmark your USB flash drive:

  • Download USBFlashSpeed.com exclusive benchmark tool.
  • Plug in your usb flash drive and run the benchmark application.
  • Choose your usb flash drive letter and start the benchmark.
  • Wait for results to be published on the site and…

Enjoy comparing your results with other published on the site!

Is your memory card slowing you down?

Did you know your memory card could be slowing down your mobile or tablet? If you have a slower class memory card it significantly reduces the speed of writing and reading data.

  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • Tablets
  • Gaming devices

Most of the above pieces of equipment have extremely limited data storage. You will most likely need a bigger memory card to get the most out of the storage facility.


You may notice most memory cards have stats printed on them relating to sizes, types and speeds. Make sure you check with your device for what writing speed it will need. The memory card needs a ‘write at’ speed that can match, if not exceed, your device write speed.


My Canon 5D MKii can easily produce up to three frames per second, each frame 25mb in size (Raw). My memory card needs to be able to store the write speed of data in order not to slow me down.


The Canon 5D has a buffer which temporarily holds the data information before the camera writes it to the storage card. My buffer can easily hold 14 shots before it starts to lag, so my memory card writing at 60MB/s is fine. However if I put in a memory card writing at 10MB/s I would notice a significant delay in write speeds. I mostly use SanDisk Extreme as above but I am however currently in the process of trying out some Lexar Professional 800x Cards too. I will let you know how that performs soon.

It’s important to think about buying genuine and reliable memory cards. Check out My Memory links before to make sure you have the best card for your needs.

Sandisk: mymemory.co.uk/Sandisk

Lexar: mymemory.co.uk/Lexar

Photos: ZulfPhotography