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Sandisk Ultra Micro SDHC 32GB Speed Test

So i got a new Sandisk Micro SD card for the Go Pro. I saw the info and this seemed like a good option. Class 10 here is the Flash bench Results.


As you can see below its only the read speed that is up to 45M/Bs. the actual write speed is more like 18M/Bs.

Most of the time they will only quote the higher speed on the website but as you can see below the write speed is also important. Read here to see if your memory card is slowing you down.


If you want to benchmark your USB flash drive:

  • Download USBFlashSpeed.com exclusive benchmark tool.
  • Plug in your usb flash drive and run the benchmark application.
  • Choose your usb flash drive letter and start the benchmark.
  • Wait for results to be published on the site and…

Enjoy comparing your results with other published on the site!

How to Adapt Memory Cards

With the vast range of memory cards these days it’s hard to get a real idea of which you need for which device.

Most gadgets take varying types and sizes of memory cards. We find ourselves not being able to use the same memory card across our devices and gadgets.

Did you know cards can be adapted to enable a smaller card to be used in an item designed to house a larger one?

Here’s a quick example of my Micro SD and Micro SDHC adapter.

Micro SD and Micro SDHC adapter.

Micro SD cards are about a quarter of the size of a standard SD card and are most commonly used in mobile phones. I use the Micro SDHC to SDHC card adapter to use my phone and tablet cards in my integrated laptop SDHC reader.

I checked the speed with and without the adapters and the write speed was unchanged.

Chosen carefully, an adapter is a handy accessory to have available, which can be used to service a range of electronic gadgets simply and reliably.

Photos: Zulf Photography