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Internet Safety: Are You Sure Your Privacy Hasn’t Been Breached?

The glorious world of the internet is exploding with numerous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. I find these sites to be a great medium of communication and marketing in my profession, but there are times when the wall is breached. With social networking popularity increasing with intensity, a high rate of security breaches has also been reported. Identity theft is the most common of them all, all a predator has to do is follow the trail of personal information we leave online and trace it back to us. So don’t take this matter lightly and take responsibility to protect yourself from this bitter side of the internet.

Zulf_Photography-1024509312Beware of Sharing Too much Information

You can never be too careful with these things, especially when using the web. It seems so obvious that you should not tell your secrets to the strangers on net, but I’ve come across numerous cases on the internet where people have done the exact opposite of the obvious. They share their social security number, home address, phone number. I hope you understand what a terrible mistake it will be and how all this turn to harm you physically.

Customize Privacy settings

The social media sites provide these emotions so that the user has more control over their information. If I’m not comfortable with sharing my information, I can easily limit people from seeing it. But isn’t it better not to upload such information? If I don’t upload anything personal on the web, I wouldn’t have to spend time setting up privacy controls.

I would like to urge all the users to try and protect their data from falling into the wrong hands. So internet safety first!


First Smartphones, now Smartwatches – No thank you?

If you plan on wasting your money, then buy the latest smart watches and you’ll realise that you’ve wasted your money in the best possible way. No kidding!


Do you own a smartphone? Do you like the perks and convenience it offers? Are you happy with your phone? If you answered yes to the questions, then you definitely don’t need a smartwatch. The relatively new gadgetry basically has all the features of a smartphone but with a catch. Actually, your smartphone performs better than these enlightening yet perhaps-hopeless gadgets.

Isn’t it enough that companies have got their customers hooked onto buying a new model smartphone every year but now they offer these gadgets that cant even work as standalone gadgets? They have to be linked to the phone’s data connection, which actually doesn’t make much sense.

I’m happy enough with my “classic” Citizen analogue watch.


I find it quite easy to monitor my daily activities from my phone in the pocket. I think the wearable devices must be given some time when developers can come up with stronger products that offer more than just keeping track of physical activity.

Considering the debate going on over usefulness of smart watches, for now, they might just be limited to controlling homes’ gadgets and appliances right from your wrist. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a good enough reason to spend money on smartwatches.

Photos: @ZulfPhotography

Design Tips Advertising Poster

When you need to advertise to a wide customer base, poster design could be the most preferred method. A poster is a simple means to communicate a message concisely about a product or an event.

Although we’re in a digital age, posters are print documents that are here to stay. If you are not sure how to start it can be a source of frustration. Below are a few examples of some initial versions we designed for “The Cigara Campaign” followed by our tips.

We at Zulf Photography accurately but attractively represent retailer products making us the preferred choice for clients and designers alike. The above designs are the initial design posters from one of our specific client projects. We will use this as an example to link in with the tips below. Follow the journey to the finalised poster at the end of this post which achieved and exceeded our clients expectations.

Design Tips Advertising Poster

When it comes to our design tips for advertising posters the list can be endless but we have compiled a few key areas for you to focus on when compiling your poster.

Photos or Graphics
It is important to produce high quality photo files which can be used in a wide variety of marketing communications. You want as much flexibly as possible with the product images for poster designs, so it’s a good idea to take the product photos on white backgrounds you can see the photos we used for the Cigara Campaign here “Products on White Background” This initial step plays an important role to a successful layout because the images take centre stage in the design. It’s always good to give your client “bang for their buck” so supply all the raw images on a CD for the client to use on other campaigns.

Balance the layout
It’s all about balance where poster design is concerned. Do not make one side of the poster too ‘busy’ with information. Place the information in such a manner that the eyes of a viewer follow one piece of information to the other, leading to the lower regions of the poster. You could also use a challenging question in bold fonts, to make people stop and look at the poster.

Sleek and Simple
Start the poster with the most vital piece of information, and follow up with details of lower priority. You need to put ideas across using shapes, photos and graphic elements. You could provide a website or social links for the viewers to keep updated with the clients offers.

Use Colours
Don’t be afraid to use bold colours, your choice of colour scheme is vital Learn colour theory use a colour palette to design the poster. Two or three related colours will give your poster a cohesive look. The colours need to go together well enough that they don’t conflict with your message.

If that all sounds outside your confort zone give us a shout and let us do all the preparation for you.  The finalised poster is below which achieved and exceeded our clients expectations.

Cigara Final Poster