Do you really get the best of both worlds when working with published photographers?

In short: yes!

Published photographers have a tendency to think differently when composing and taking photos. They will have a track record of working with various editors and printers to perfect the format and print quality.


This is what sets them aside from unpublished photographers.

In this digital age many photos never make it to the print stage. It’s not easy to have images accepted for print, making it more of an achievement when images are published.

Great images always have the upper hand when it comes to acceptance rates. That’s why studying the various types of format and colour profiles needed is what really counts.


If you ever work with a photographer it’s always a good idea to make them aware of the intended use for the final photos. It can determine the level of work the photographer will need to put in the final image and possibly save you time and money.

Above images are some published photos taken and edited by Zulfiqar Ali

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