A good camera alone does not take good photographs, furthermore be it “Canon” or “Nikon” the brand has no relevance any more. These days there is not much between the two brands in terms of quality of images produced.

I have shot with a basic Canon for a good chunk of my career. My first camera was a Canon 500d and I still use this as my backup camera today. Digital SLRs are what most people would consider a ‘proper’ camera. It’s the type of camera chosen by professional photographers and keen amateurs, and for three broad reasons:

1. larger sensors than compact cameras.

Canon 500d body

Canon 500d m42 vintage 50mm lense

2. Interchangeable lenses

Canon 500d Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM

Canon 500d m42 vintage 135mm lense

3.  You get much more manual control

You can get different creative effects by adjusting the shutter speed, lens aperture and focus yourself rather than leaving it to the camera to do it automatically. Like below a mix of movement in a still image


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