I show you how to set up the camera to take your first photos and record video.

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00:00 How to start with a Canon m50 mark2
00:25 How to attach the DSLR camera strap to your Canon m5o mkii
How to charge your Canon SL3 250d Camera Battery
What type of memory card does the Canon 250d Take?
How to Insert a Memory Card and battery into your Canon SL3 250d
Explaining the Canon 250d SL3 Camera lens
How to attach a Lens to the Canon 250 SL3 Camera
The lens buttons and understanding the features
How to remove Canon DSLR Camera Lens
15:49 Starter Lens vs Pro Lens on the Canon 250d SL3 Camera
17:00 What the camera looks like with a lens
17:39 How to set up the camera for photo and video Canon 250d
18:47 How to setup Time and Date on Canon 250d SL3
20:00 How to set the camera for easy photos in Auto Mode
23:59 How to access the flash on the Canon 250d Sl3
25:00 How to record films on the Canon 250d SL3

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