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What is the best 1080p Cheap Action Camera? Goodman’s Full Review Cheapest

If you’re looking for a budget friendly cheap action camera you’re in the right place.

I have had this Goodmans 1080p action camera long enough to give you a real review. You can see a number of videos I made about this camera on Zulf Photography YouTube Channel.

Here’s a quick overview of some features

This 3mp camera is perfect for action shots. It has a waterproof case so you can get underwater angles too, with its case on its waterproof up to 30m deep.
2″ LCD Display
90° Wide Angle Lens
Single/Continuous Shooting Modes
Rechargeable Battery
USB Port
Micro SD card slot

Don’t expect too much from this cheap 1080p action camera and it won’t disappoint.
The camera is cheaper than the SD card you need to run it.
I Paid £15 from B and M. You can’t go wrong for that price or can you?
I compare the footage to my mobile and show some sample footage of outdoors and indoors.
It’s a cheap camera for simple videos and anyone who doesn’t want to pixel peep. It gives you basic video nothing fancy and it record in AVi file format.

What’s the Best DSLR Camera Bag?

A Camera Bag comparison 4 DSLR bags I own

I have had a number of bags over the years and here I show you the ones I kept and why.
In this video I tell the reason why I still have 4 camera bags.
The ones I prefer and why each of them have a place for most photographers.
I have owned these bags for over 5 years and can explain why Lowepro Billingham and Pelican make great bags for every type of shoot.

Vintage Lens for DSLR Cameras

It’s worth getting an old lens to make your video look unique. Here I show you my 28mm Prime that I have had for years. It can be easily adapted to new DSLR cameras with an adapter ring.
It will be manual focus of course, so a bit of a palaver but its worth it.
I use is the Vavaron Zoom Control Lever to help me out a bit.