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First Smartphones, now Smartwatches – No thank you?

If you plan on wasting your money, then buy the latest smart watches and you’ll realise that you’ve wasted your money in the best possible way. No kidding!


Do you own a smartphone? Do you like the perks and convenience it offers? Are you happy with your phone? If you answered yes to the questions, then you definitely don’t need a smartwatch. The relatively new gadgetry basically has all the features of a smartphone but with a catch. Actually, your smartphone performs better than these enlightening yet perhaps-hopeless gadgets.

Isn’t it enough that companies have got their customers hooked onto buying a new model smartphone every year but now they offer these gadgets that cant even work as standalone gadgets? They have to be linked to the phone’s data connection, which actually doesn’t make much sense.

I’m happy enough with my “classic” Citizen analogue watch.


I find it quite easy to monitor my daily activities from my phone in the pocket. I think the wearable devices must be given some time when developers can come up with stronger products that offer more than just keeping track of physical activity.

Considering the debate going on over usefulness of smart watches, for now, they might just be limited to controlling homes’ gadgets and appliances right from your wrist. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a good enough reason to spend money on smartwatches.

Photos: @ZulfPhotography

Photographers block

This is a touchy subject, “photographers block” or rather I should say blocking the photographers view.

It does happen, but when it’s the mere mortals who have paid to attend the show who are getting in the way of the official photographer…. not to mention they are using giant IPads or a mobile phone tut-tut.

Acknowledgement -blocking the photographers view

If I paid to go and see an event the last thing I would be doing is photographing it. Enjoy the atmosphere the live sensation. To be fair I can’t remember the last time I saw a show which wasn’t through the eyecup on my Canon DSLR.

You get the idea, however this isn’t a rant it’s how to “embrace” the situation. My series on common issues faced by photographers the other was Low Light – Fashion Catwalk Shows read that one here

I made a recent “block” at my recent Asiana 2015 Catwalk into an image of its own right and even a blog post #OhYeah #GoMe

here goes, there is a four step process to follow to overcome the “block” without losing you shit. (excuse the expression)

  1. Acknowledgement – You are blocked, give them a chance “Excuse me”
  2. Repetition – They are a persistent offender “Hellooo”
  3. Embrace – Make the best of the situation “No comment”
  4. Success – You have unique view of the show “Oh Yeah”
Repetition – Another Block


Embrace – Make the best of the situation


Success – You have unique view of the show

Photos: Zulfphotography

Event: Asiana Bridal Show Feb 2015

The Photography Gear I Use – Cameras

A good camera alone does not take good photographs, furthermore be it “Canon” or “Nikon” the brand has no relevance any more. These days there is not much between the two brands in terms of quality of images produced.

I have shot with a basic Canon for a good chunk of my career. My first camera was a Canon 500d and I still use this as my backup camera today. Digital SLRs are what most people would consider a ‘proper’ camera. It’s the type of camera chosen by professional photographers and keen amateurs, and for three broad reasons:

1. larger sensors than compact cameras.

Canon 500d body

Canon 500d m42 vintage 50mm lense

2. Interchangeable lenses

Canon 500d Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM

Canon 500d m42 vintage 135mm lense

3.  You get much more manual control

You can get different creative effects by adjusting the shutter speed, lens aperture and focus yourself rather than leaving it to the camera to do it automatically. Like below a mix of movement in a still image