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Kodak Instamatic- stroke of genius or doomed to fail?


Most budding photographers will be familiar with the Kodak Instamatic, and perhaps at some point in their lives even owned one. Upon it’s release, it was considered revolutionary in the photography world, and was partly responsible for ushering in a new wave of inexpensive, easy to load cameras, all of which never quite managed to imitate the user friendly original from Kodak. Last week, Kodak announced that they had licensed the Instamatic brand for use in a new smartphone, something which appears slightly confusing, but for a Kodak fan such as myself, very exciting. The Instamatic design is classic, and the smartphone incorporates the original style of the camera, but my real hope is that the smartphone is as portable and fast to shoot as the original camera. This would give it a real chance in the current market, as more and more people become interested in photography. Hopefully being associated with the Kodak brand will work in it’s favour, rather than against it.



Photography Equipment Backup Plan

Here is my photography essentials backup plan.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup for your essential equipment.

You never know when a “glitch” could stop you in your tracks.

In the event of a mechanical failure or even a accidental drop, you should have a fall back plan.

I currently have 3 backup options with varying options.

3. A budget version of my L series package

  • Canon 500d + four batteries and battery grip
  • Sandisk Memory cards 8GB x2
  • 50mm Helios Prime
  • 100mm Macro
  • Sigma 24 70 2.8
  • Flash and spare batteries

2. The second set

  • Canon 550d + four batteries and Battery Grip
  • Sandisk Memory cards 8GB x3
  • 50mm 1.8 mk II
  • canon 24 70 2.8
  • 35mm Prime
  • Flash and spare AA batteries

1. The first set

  • Canon 5d MK2 + 4 Batteries
  • 50mm 1.4
  • 100mm Macro L
  • Canon 70 200 2.8is
  • Flash and spare batteries

I have found myself in a few of situation where my backup equipment has come into play.  This will allow you to seamlessly pick up where you left off, it’s what sets aside the professionals from enthusiasts.


Spark Your Creativity – Type.

Everyone seems to be so busy, always on the go, overwhelmed, drained. There needs to be an escape. We carry multimedia do it all devices with us daily but who wants to be distracted in the middle of crafting something epic?

Let me take you back to a simpler time, when we had dedicated tools for dedicated tasks.

Creating something on a typewriter gives you the sensation that can’t be achieved from any other device. Physically using your power to press metal against paper to imprint your thoughts that create feelings and emotion. That marvelous “ping” when you reach the end of your sentence and have to return the carriage home.
They are making a comeback… for the very reason they were forgotten. Typewriters.

If you look at a document created on a typewriter, you know there was a real investment of time and attention by the writer. In that moment the writer is concentrating on one thing and one thing alone – The Reader.

Want A Typewriter? – London Typewriters


Choose Who You Work With!

Many of us don’t get the luxury of deciding who we work with. Generally you end up working for those that need your service and can pay.

People want to socialise with the person behind the fancy logo or strapline.

One of the keys to an effective business is to pick and choose your customers. A lot of businesses make the mistake of working with anyone. They then end up with a mixed client list, ranging from wonderful clients to really odd ones.


If you are confident in your own ability and stick to a strict selection guideline it’s a lot easier to pick and choose who you work with. Only accept clients after you’ve spoken with them and are satisfied they fit your guidelines.

There are lots of strategies to get new clients but personally I don’t actively drum up business for my photography services. I just keep a solid relationship with my regular clients who continually highlight opportunities for new projects.

The National Asian Wedding Show 2012

Commercial Word of Mouth is King!

It is very important to stay professional with all your dealings regardless of the outcome. A relaxed approach and a solid online presence will secure the clients expectations. They can “vet” your online work anytime and decide if they like your style. This approach has helped me get many new ventures with little to no actual advertising or marketing.

Pakistan Fashion Week

One last thing to remember stick to your field; if you’re a Fashion Photographer limit your scope accordingly. I have had countless requests to shoot weddings and other areas but I forward these to fellow photographers that specialise in those areas. Don’t tread on other professionals toes, we all have our unique talents and a mutual respect is necessary for keeping everyone ticking along.

Remember Money isn’t Everything and you should choose who you work with. Not the other way around.


Internet Safety: Are You Sure Your Privacy Hasn’t Been Breached?

The glorious world of the internet is exploding with numerous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. I find these sites to be a great medium of communication and marketing in my profession, but there are times when the wall is breached. With social networking popularity increasing with intensity, a high rate of security breaches has also been reported. Identity theft is the most common of them all, all a predator has to do is follow the trail of personal information we leave online and trace it back to us. So don’t take this matter lightly and take responsibility to protect yourself from this bitter side of the internet.

Zulf_Photography-1024509312Beware of Sharing Too much Information

You can never be too careful with these things, especially when using the web. It seems so obvious that you should not tell your secrets to the strangers on net, but I’ve come across numerous cases on the internet where people have done the exact opposite of the obvious. They share their social security number, home address, phone number. I hope you understand what a terrible mistake it will be and how all this turn to harm you physically.

Customize Privacy settings

The social media sites provide these emotions so that the user has more control over their information. If I’m not comfortable with sharing my information, I can easily limit people from seeing it. But isn’t it better not to upload such information? If I don’t upload anything personal on the web, I wouldn’t have to spend time setting up privacy controls.

I would like to urge all the users to try and protect their data from falling into the wrong hands. So internet safety first!


Don’t get lost in the Social Network World

The only thing common among pretty much all of the teenagers I’ve met recently was their addiction to social networking. Some might think that addiction is a harsh word but research proves that the word is apt in this case. 15-19 year olds spend an average of 3 hours per day on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And 18% of all media users can’t go a few hours without checking their social network accounts. Sometimes even I tend to behave like that, but the people who are addicted to these sites must have a harder time than we may perceive. In my opinion, the ‘Social Networkholics’ must be told how to enjoy life without constant shots of these platforms.

There’s a life outside the bounds of likes, status updates and picture uploads. Wouldn’t it be better if we can just see the world in its true form and not just through the eyes of soil networks? If we do manage to do that, so much good can come into our lives.Zulf_Photography-1028318592

No more comparing ourselves to others

Firstly, we wouldn’t always be comparing ourselves with the bunch of friends that keep announcing their achievements. For once, we’d be able to concentrate on our self.

Zulf_Photography-1028302208We’ll become more social in real life

It’s quite ironic how the social networks have made us less social in real life. People have a long list of friends on the social networks, but when it comes to real life socializing, they back off. Some of the perks of using the social media…

Do away with the procrastination

Besides all these things, the best thing that’ll happen is that we’ll procrastinate less. Social networking sites can be quite a time waster if you are not working. Spend a minute on them and before we know it, it has been hours and we’re still there

It’s just that life can be so much better if we don’t let social networks govern our lives, becoming the center of our world. Do give it a thought.


Digital Window Shopping – Is it the same?

To answer the question, no, it is not the same at all. But I don’t mean this in a negative way. For the most part, we enjoy traditional but passive window-shopping.

Leisurely walking past the stores on a street, it was just a way to pass the time. But the thing with window-shopping is…

Zulf_Photography-896787840..that it rarely ends up in a purchase. You may pass by a store and see your favourite dress, but you’d probably put it for later, maybe owing to the crowd in the shop or just because it’ll take time to do the transaction.

All the people who haven’t watched the 2002 Sci-Fi movie ‘Minority Report’ might have never thought about another way to window shop, but the technology gurus were way ahead of us. Apparently, they are into the movie and so not only did they invent the technology, but it has started to successfully operate in many stores.

Zulf_Photography-8156 How is it any different? For starters, it enables you to interact and complete a transaction at the storefront. I find it quite an attractive feature, simply because it saves times and is plain cool. The launch of eBay’s interactive windows was the starting point, other stores followed suit. Adidas Neo has incorporated a touch-enabled interactive storefront in some of their outlets in Europe.

Ebay Adidas logo

The windows functions as a virtual store and has life-size digital products that are quite fun to go through. But the best thing is that we can easily purchase the products via our mobile phones


I would love to see these services in my town, considering the crowds in shops. This technology has changed the dynamics of our shopping experience, though the old schoolers might miss the traditional ways.