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Video Lighting YN300 Led light

Most people overlook the importance of light in there production.

I would say Light is more important that what camera body you use.

You can get a professional look with a simple camera but the right lighting conditions.

I use 2 Yongnuo YN 300 Led Video lights. Great lights for Home Studio and very portable.
Here is my overview


I started a Documentary Series “Creative Minds”

Creative Minds By Zulf Photography – A Series of episodes that look into the minds of creative people who are doing amazing things. Each episode will showcase and discover new creative minds and what makes them tick.


I make videos and love to share all the unique things people love to do.

My first episode will cover DJ Cribba who talks about his passion of music and beats. We look into the growing trend of Portable turntables and how they offer an escape to creative minds.

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What’s the Best DSLR Camera Bag?

A Camera Bag comparison 4 DSLR bags I own

I have had a number of bags over the years and here I show you the ones I kept and why.
In this video I tell the reason why I still have 4 camera bags.
The ones I prefer and why each of them have a place for most photographers.
I have owned these bags for over 5 years and can explain why Lowepro Billingham and Pelican make great bags for every type of shoot.