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What’s the Best DSLR Camera Bag?

A Camera Bag comparison 4 DSLR bags I own

I have had a number of bags over the years and here I show you the ones I kept and why.
In this video I tell the reason why I still have 4 camera bags.
The ones I prefer and why each of them have a place for most photographers.
I have owned these bags for over 5 years and can explain why Lowepro Billingham and Pelican make great bags for every type of shoot.

Types of photographers – Which One Are You?

In this line of work you will oftern come across like minded photographers.

Like coiled springs they await the perfect moment to pounce. In my travels I will oftern capture them going about their buisness.

Below’s a bit of fun, which one are you?

Mr Smart Billingham Bag PhotographerZulfPhotography.com-0286The Mr Suave oftern chit chatting with those of a Female Persuasion.ZulfPhotography.com-0133Mr freestyler lets it all hang outZulfPhotography.com-0152The Award winners FRPS, DPAGB and all those other letters after their names.They will ask and take aside willing members of the public for “street photo shoots”. Not coolZulfPhotography.com-0066 ZulfPhotography.com-0070The lord Mayor Approved PhotographerZulfPhotography.com-0075Mr casual canvas bag photographerZulfPhotography.com-0077Mr Multitask, who said Men cant multi task? Carrying a bag two cameras and holding a converstaion. WOW!ZulfPhotography.com-0048Mr old school Jessops bag photographerZulfPhotography.com-0078Mr Man Pouch Photographer who seems to be doing what im doing but has longer hair then me and a sidekickZulfPhotography.com-0103Mr trendy Lowepro BackBack PhotographerZulfPhotography.com-0079

Which one are you?