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Everyone seems to be so busy, always on the go, overwhelmed, drained. There needs to be an escape. We carry multimedia do it all devices with us daily but who wants to be distracted in the middle of crafting something epic?

Let me take you back to a simpler time, when we had dedicated tools for dedicated tasks.

Creating something on a typewriter gives you the sensation that can’t be achieved from any other device. Physically using your power to press metal against paper to imprint your thoughts that create feelings and emotion. That marvelous “ping” when you reach the end of your sentence and have to return the carriage home.
They are making a comeback… for the very reason they were forgotten. Typewriters.

If you look at a document created on a typewriter, you know there was a real investment of time and attention by the writer. In that moment the writer is concentrating on one thing and one thing alone – The Reader.

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