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The first bag i’m going to show you is a tripod bag that normally comes with tripods i have done a separate review on this tripod on the channel so you can check that out but for bag purposes if you need to carry the tripod on its own it’s a great option this bag holds this tripod in which is a newer tripod it goes fairly high but the bag itself has compartments and handles so you can see there’s a nice strap for your back there’s handles here you can carry like that so if you’ve got a point-and-shoot camera or you use your mobile phone you can always have the little mobile phone stand on the tripod and that is one bag you can carry easily [Applause] okay so this bag is a small low pro bag this one is the nova aw now i’m showing you this bag alongside the tripod back there because that’ll be a perfect combination if you’re taking a tripod and doing a small shoot and you’ve got a mirrorless camera or something that you can carry so like your mobile phone even maybe if you’ve got an additional mobile phone this bag is quite handy so you’ll see it

Lowepro Nova 140 AW II Camera Bag – Black buy here

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