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Below highlights a few of my current & historic projects


YouTube Partner
YouTube Partner

As a YouTube Partner I share weekly videos about photography tips, reviews and testing gear. My videos are aimed at anyone who loves photography. I am creating a number of new video concepts and ideas.



Expert Photographer | Expert Reviewer | Expert Trailblazer

Google Local Guide is a program for guides to contribute to Google Maps and Google business listings, in exchange for points, invites to special events and early access new features. Guides earn points for a variety of responsibilities, like writing reviews, adding or editing places, posting photos, and answering community questions.



Oozes Couture - Asian Fashion Blog
Oozes Couture


Asian Fashion Blog – Oozes Couture provides reviews for quality highly fashionable custom-made clothing and accessories.
The brief for this project was to provide a professional logo, regular artwork updates and a platform for our client to share their views easily. A Blog was set up and we provide “technical and creative” collaborations on an on-going basis.



British Pakistani Youth Council

BPYC works with the national and devolved governments of the United Kingdom on all matter pertaining to media portrayal of Youth.
The brief for this project was to offer journalistic coverage for all the media events arranged by BPYC. This allowed us to apply our digital imaging photography skills to document all the media events. This work resulted in the President of BPYC awarding a formal certification for Distinguished Photographer award for “Applied Visual Journalism” to Zulf.



Khushboos by Chand


A boutique run by owner and designer Chand, Khushboos has its signature reputation in its unique bridal boutique that offers every range of fabric, colour and bridal detailed fashion accent.
We provided a mixture of social media, graphic design and event coverage for runway couture fashion events.



Khushboo Textiles
Khushboos Textiles

In today’s world of fast-changing fashion, it’s reassuring to know that there are unique places where high-calibre, traditional products still exist. When it comes to unstitched fabric specialists, perhaps the best example of this in the UK is Khushboos Textiles.
We incorporated social media and a blog to allow customers to view new design releases. The brief for this project required us to provide a digital catalogue service.



Mumtaz Collection
Mumtaz Collection

Mumtaz Collection is a unique stylish sophisticated shop offering customised jewellery and bridal accessories made from swarovski crystals and beads manufactured in Birmingham, the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.
We helped provide a digital catalogue service allowing us to implement photography and videography providing regular professional images to update the store portfolio. Helped incorporate social media to allow customers to keep up to date.




South Birmingham Photographic Society was founded over 40 years ago a photographic club / society in Hall Green, Birmingham
We helped in setting up a website and shared a range of photos which have received various observations across the UK.





One of the deepest and uprising voices to be recognized by the world, HAMID ALI ARTIST! A young man in his early twenties who undoubtedly has an immense talent and is a professional Qawwal in England.

This project required us to deliver a website which would engage with its audience incorporating media rich content. Our client works within the entrainment industry and needed to portray both music and video online. To meet this requirement we adopted a complete flash site with backup mobile site support. This allowed our client an impressive portfolio to share with its fanbase.



Mu Sync Arts

MU Sync Arts is a management company, led by highly experienced professionals, established to support, guide and manage new acts in the entertainment industry.

This project required us to provide a comprehensive service to Mu Sync Arts. The brief was to create a logo and a simplistic professional website, working closely with our client we delivered on their requirements. This is an ongoing project and we are working on new ideas to expand Mu Sync Arts web presence.


Ayan Jewllers
Ayan Jewellers


Ayan Jewellers Specialists in 22ct,24ct Gold

This was one of our early projects which involved product photography shoots. The images where used for the purposes of online catalogue sales to improve the web presence for the jewellery store.

Commercial Photography, Runway

Product Photography

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