Make your screen into a DSLR monitor

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In this video I’m going to show you how to make your screen a DSLR monitor so you can basically monitor everything your DSLR camera can see this is directed towards Canon cameras and Nikon and I know it’s possible on Sony cameras as well so the main things you need is a USB cable whereby you plug your camera into your PC or your computer and then you need a tool which is free for Canon is called e OS utility this is a standard iOS utility which is the first one and it allows you control wire your PC so you can actually plug in the camera open up the tool and then that allows you to view what your camera is seeing so that’s the EOS tool there when you open it it will identify your camera that’s the eos 5d mark ii which i’m using at the moment i’ve got options here this is a free tool by the way for canon you can go on the website I’ll include the link in the description you go to camera settings remote shooting and then you’ll see exactly what the camera display will see so that first there is and that’s kind of a back of the screen look and you can adjust your ISO and shutter speed and aperture there and the modes are all here you can click on live view shoot which I’m doing now and you’ll see the camera view pop-up so this is gonna be like of my desk basically I’m just gonna show you quickly and let’s just bring that over here there so that’s what’s on my desk at the moment and that’s what you will see so this is a quick video to help you see how that would work and you can use that for various types of things you can monitor what is on your camera what you’re shooting and adjust the focus to make sure you bang on with focus this is for the Canon one but there are also options for Nikon and Sony so this let me show you that Trude itself iOS utility so I bring you onto the screen this is the actual tool is a Canon website and it’s called iOS utility there’s a number of different cameras that is available for so make sure to check that I and download it basically

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