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hello and welcome to this video I’m gonna show you how to connect a wireless mic to a mixer board this can be used in a number of scenarios right now I have a fine fine wireless microphone this is battery-powered I have a mic plugged in here and it’s currently here you’re not listening to that at the moment what you’re listening to is this microphone plugged into my mixer we have a wireless mic unit which is the receiver so this is sending a signal to the receiver I’m gonna plug the receiver into the mixing board I’ve got another camera set here which I’m going to show you let me see if I can do this okay so if I hold this here can you see that camera now Lloyd okay yeah so here is my mixing board it’s a Yamaha mg 10 X you right now I’m using line 1 over here I have this I have unplugged the mic which I had in there here is the unit and you’ll see me plug that unit in hopefully I’m a protein yet there so I’m gonna plug in so that has been plugged in which means these are now active twice well you can’t see any of that can you hear it it’s got a baby girl oh yeah okay so now I’m going to turn my first mic off which is what you listening to you now

Link to Mic:
Link to Mixer

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