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What is the best 1080p Cheap Action Camera? Goodman’s Full Review Cheapest

If you’re looking for a budget friendly cheap action camera you’re in the right place.

I have had this Goodmans 1080p action camera long enough to give you a real review. You can see a number of videos I made about this camera on Zulf Photography YouTube Channel.

Here’s a quick overview of some features

This 3mp camera is perfect for action shots. It has a waterproof case so you can get underwater angles too, with its case on its waterproof up to 30m deep.
2″ LCD Display
90° Wide Angle Lens
Single/Continuous Shooting Modes
Rechargeable Battery
USB Port
Micro SD card slot

Don’t expect too much from this cheap 1080p action camera and it won’t disappoint.
The camera is cheaper than the SD card you need to run it.
I Paid £15 from B and M. You can’t go wrong for that price or can you?
I compare the footage to my mobile and show some sample footage of outdoors and indoors.
It’s a cheap camera for simple videos and anyone who doesn’t want to pixel peep. It gives you basic video nothing fancy and it record in AVi file format.

SanDisk iXpand flash drive

Despite the iPhone being a part of part of our lives for over 7 years now, this is the first time that a flash drive has been available for the device. It’s almost unbelievable; despite the provided iPhone memory usually being sufficient for the casual user, this flash drive opens up the opportunity to overload on photos, videos and other documents that we enjoy hoarding. The flash drive is double headed, and is simple to use. Simply plug in to your Mac or PC, and files can be easily shared between the two devices. The device is able to back up all your photos and videos as soon as it is plugged in, which is a great feature. It also includes it’s own battery, so rather than sucking the life out of your phone, it can stand on it’s own feet.

Zulf_Photography Battery-8222
Memory Cards better then Flash Drives?

The only downside to this useful inclusion is that it gives the iXpand a rather chunky appearance. This is only a small price to pay however, especially considering the overall benefits of the device, but it may prove to be a hassle for people who like to travel light. At first glance, a 64gb flash drive (the largest available) may sound excessive for a little iPhone, but in this age of amateur photographers and filmmakers, it’s perfect, and allows for a few more ‘works in progress’ than usual. The standard device (16gb) is available for around £40, perhaps on the pricier side, but worth it if you have a large collection of photos and videos that you want to keep.


Kodak Instamatic- stroke of genius or doomed to fail?

Most budding photographers will be familiar with the Kodak Instamatic, and perhaps at some point in their lives even owned one. Upon it’s release, it was considered revolutionary in the photography world, and was partly responsible for ushering in a new wave of inexpensive, easy to load cameras, all of which never quite managed to imitate the user friendly original from Kodak. Last week, Kodak announced that they had licensed the Instamatic brand for use in a new smartphone, something which appears slightly confusing, but for a Kodak fan such as myself, very exciting. The Instamatic design is classic, and the smartphone incorporates the original style of the camera, but my real hope is that the smartphone is as portable and fast to shoot as the original camera. This would give it a real chance in the current market, as more and more people become interested in photography. Hopefully being associated with the Kodak brand will work in it’s favour, rather than against it.



32GB Samsung EVO Quick Test Results

Here is a quick test result from a Genuine UHS-1 Class 10 48MB/s Micro SD SDHC Memory Card. As you can see below there is a difference in performance vs the suggested spec. Always buy from approved sellers.





Camera Aperture Examples LPS-Ep6

Here are the images from my LPS “Learn Photography Series” – Camera Aperture video Episode 6.

You can click on the images to see a bigger version.

See how the lens aperture affects the background of the image!


Extend battery life DSLR Camera

Unboxing and fitting power adapter to Canon 550d ACK-E8 AC Power Adapter.

It can be a pain to always have fully charged batteries for video work. Here I look at the option if your studio based.
I show how to fit 500D power adapter to allow it to run from mains power.
It can save you time charging batteries and extends your shooting duration.

Comparison LowePro Fastpack 250 Vs 250 Aw ii

I have had the normal Lowepro Fastpack 250 version for over 5 years and have been very happy.
When I saw there was a new aw ii version I wanted to see what the difference was.